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Dodd Group offers excellent, cost-effective central heating services throughout Telford, including boiler repair.
From time to time, your central heating system may malfunction. We do understand however, of the financial difficulties which arrise when a crucial device needed to run your home decides to stop working. That’s why at Dodd Group, we provide affordable boiler repair services in Telford to meet our clients’ financial budgets.
We realise that managing your finances during the difficult economy of today can be hard. That’s why we provide cheap and affordable boiler repair services to anyone living in or around Telford. As well as repairing your central heating system, we can also improve your boiler and greatly improve its efficiency. We always aim to improve your home, reduce your bills and save you money.
Our services extend far beyond Telford, and in fact, run nationwide. Dodd group has over  66 years of experience, so you can guarantee that your central heating and boiler repair services are carried out at the highest professional level.
At Dodd Group, we extend our relationship with our customers by offering customer support to all of our clients. We like to make sure our customers are completely satisfied with our boiler repair services and they work just as well as when they were first installed.
If you live in or around the Telford area and require our boiler repair or related services, please contact Dodd Group today and we will be happy to help.
As well as Telford, we provide our services nationwide. Click here to find your local branch.

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