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Biomass explained


Biomass is the common name for organic materials used as renewable energy sources such as; wood, crops, and waste. Biomass heating systems are particularly effective in rural and semi-rural areas and where the household is used to having energy “delivered” to the property, e.g. in the case of oil, LPG or solid fuel heating systems.


A typical house requires a 25kW boiler and a 6-tonne, 3m x 3m fuel store for the pellets. Some Biomass wood pellet boiler models have fully automated feed systems with integral, or separate hoppers, so that a ‘fit and forget’ approach is possible. The automated feed will refill the boiler at regular intervals from fuel storage hoppers.

A big advantage of pellet systems over wood chip or logs is that the location of the fuel store and the installation of the feed pipe between the boiler and the storage hopper can be flexible to suit the needs of the individual property. Pellet boilers use feed pipes that can even go around corners or under walls to fit into tight spaces.

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