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If you are thinking about replacing your old gas boiler with a more efficient new one, or if you are considering a renewable alternative please give Dodd Group a call.
With access to the leading manufacturers’ latest product range, not to mention a team of highly qualified electrical and mechanical engineers, we can provide you with the advice that you need to select the right boiler / technology for your home.
Central Heating System design depends on many factors: the Dodd Group Surveyor will advise you on the most efficient system for your property. For maximum efficiency and cost savings it is important that the system is controlled appropriately for your needs including the design and installation a suitably sized radiator system.
Central Heating Controls: Electronic clocks (Programmers) have been used to control central heating systems timers for many years. These traditional programmes switch the heating on or off at preset times. Enhanced controls also allow you to preset the running times of your central heating but they also monitor the performance of the central heating system to reduce the energy used to keep your property at the required temperature. Correctly setting up controls of any type will help you to reduce your energy consumption. With daily switching period settings, seasonal settings, load compensation and weather compensation all maximizing efficiency.

Are they suitable for your home?

Dodd Group surveying team will advise you on which of the enhanced controls would be most effective for your heating system and property layout.
Using the controls: learn how to control the system so you can get the most out of it, Dodd Group will explain how to control the system so you can use it most effectively.
To reduce your home’s CO2 emissions further, consider using solar water heating to provide low carbon hot water in the summer months.

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